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Never Rebellion - Phantasmagoria (4) - Subjective Or Ideal (CD)

9 thoughts on “ Never Rebellion - Phantasmagoria (4) - Subjective Or Ideal (CD)

  1. Tajin
    subjective or ideal is the third mini-album released by Phantasmagoria. It was released in a CD+DVD only format. This was released on the same day as the mini-album signs of fragment. Like the other mini-album this includes new recordings and re-masterings of previously released songs, subjective or ideal features singles' A-side and B-side songs. This is a limited release having only 10, copies.
  2. Voodoojar
    Phantasmagoria is KISAKI's (head of Matina and UNDER CODE PRODUCTION) "last band" before his retirement on August 31, Phantasmagoria was formed in November by Kisaki and their first single "Material Pain" was released in " Shoxx magazine" on December 21 of the same year. The following day the group released its first Maxi-single, "Moonlight Revival".
  3. Dugul
    Phantasmagoria were a Japanese visual kei band that formed in , founded by visual icon Kisaki. Subjective or Ideal 1 Votes: Synthesis Songs 4 2 Votes: Mikansei to Guilt 1 Votes Never Rebellion 3 1 Votes: Compilations: Requiem ~Floral Edition~ 1 Votes.
  4. Guhn
    [3] On April 5, the band had their last official live and Kisaki announced his newest band, "凛 -the end of corruption world-," the day after. [4] As of now, Phantasmagoria's last release is another collection of unreleased songs entitled Actuality, which was released in two versions on June 16, [4] Members.
  5. Vukree
    Nagoya DIAMOND HALL 「NEVER REBELLION」 (digest) 名古屋DIAMOND HALL 「NEVER REBELLION」 (digest) Shinkiba STUDIO COAST 「Actuate Eden」 .
  6. Mazudal
    Oct 13,  · 1. into the "Phantasmagoria" NEVER REBELLION 4. Camouflage 5. Unknown zero distance 6. Mikansei to Guilt 7. Pixy false 8. Material pain 9. NEO ARK Kyousoukyoku -Cruel Crucible- Subjective or Ideal [ Mini-Album ] 1. Pixy false 2. Fairy times memory 3. NEVER REBELLION 4. Hikari ni furu ame.
  7. Daijin
    Phantasmagoria was a visual kei rock band formed in November in Osaka, Japan by Kisaki, the executive of Under Code Production, a popular independent label.

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