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Lettuce Garden

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  1. Sam
    As a cool-season crop, lettuce can be direct-seeded into the garden as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring. If the ground is still frozen, wait until it thaws. Lettuce can also be started or grown indoors. Try succession planting and growing varieties of lettuce with differing maturity times to harvest lettuce plants throughout the growing season.
  2. Goltikazahn
    May 20,  · My mom used to make it when we had fresh leaf lettuce from the garden.I’ve tried making it but never could get the ratio daibeledinghocompmavoxidizole.xyzinfo for restoring a treasured recipe and memory! 1 of 1 Dressing for Garden Lettuce. Scotdog Back to Recipe Review this recipe. Review this recipe Add Photo. Dressing for Garden Lettuce /5(6).
  3. Kajigar
    May 24,  · Romaine lettuce is a healthy, popular variety of head lettuce, which is relatively easy to grow in a home garden or planter. Romaine can be harvested in 1 of 2 ways: you can harvest the entire head of lettuce at once, whether by pulling up the head, roots and all, or 99%(43).
  4. Akicage
    This weakens and damages lettuce plants and raises the risk of disease. A healthy diverse garden will combat aphid damage on its own. The presence of predators including ladybugs, lacewings, or parasitic wasps will keep aphid populations down. Plant herbs like cilantro, dill, fennel, and dandelion near lettuce to attract predatory insects.
  5. Tojalrajas
    Equally at home in the vegetable garden, containers, or flower border, lettuce presents garden-fresh flavors and jewel-like colors that money just can't buy. And no produce market can match the freshness and variety of lettuce that you can grow in your own backyard. From early spring straight into.
  6. Dirn
    Lettuce needs soil that is loose, cool, and well-draining. You can amend your soil with compost to add the nutrients your plants need while also helping the soil drain better. If you’re unsure of your soil’s pH level, test it. You should aim for a pH How to Care for Lettuce. Caring for lettuce is easy as it doesn’t require much fussing.
  7. Mautaxe
    SavvyGrow Heirloom Lettuce Seeds (10 Varieties) – Survival Garden Seeds for Planting Include - Open Pollinated, 85% Plus Germination Rate, Non-GMO & Source in .
  8. Kagakasa
    Mar 01,  · Growing your own iceberg lettuce is simple, especially when you keep the seedlings indoors for the first couple of months. By keeping the lettuce cool and moist, and growing it at the right time of year, you’ll have crisp, refreshing iceberg lettuce you can harvest right from your garden. Part %(21).

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