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  1. Zulkiran
    Caligula () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.
  2. Kazizragore
    Dec 09,  · Caligula spent several days triumphantly riding back and forth over this bridge, as well as parading the Roman army across it. Caligula distributed bonuses to the soldiers and held sumptuous feasts and elaborate celebrations in honor of his pointless and wasteful accomplishment.
  3. Mikarisar
    Seen as a welcome breath of fresh air when he took the throne, Caligula’s (12 – 41 AD / Reigned 37 – 41 AD) eccentricities soon became terrifying and he was murdered after just five years in.
  4. Daizahn
    Caligula is a chore to sit through, to the point where I finally started to fast-forward through scenes to get to the story! I queue'd the film because it was notorious and I wanted to find out 23%.
  5. Zuluk
    "Caligula" was banned by theaters across the country, being deemed perverted and ultra violent. While true, this was the Roman Empire under the rule of the deranged Emperor Caligula. Malcom McDowell stars in this controversial telling of Roman decadence steered by a madman.
  6. Moogugrel
    Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (31 August 12 – 24 January 41), most commonly known as Caligula, was the third Roman Emperor and a member of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, ruling from 37 to "Caligula" was actually a childhood nickname meaning "Little [Soldier's] boots" that he came to hate.
  7. Netaur
    Jan 31,  · Poster of Caligula – Italian-American erotic historical film. Thrasyllus of Mendes was an astrologer and personnel friend of the second roman emperor Tiberius. He had once predicted that Caligula had “no more chance of becoming emperor than of riding a horse across the Bay of Baiae” indicating the impossibility of such a thing to ever happen.
  8. Zulkigrel
    "Caligula" is sickening, utterly worthless, shameful The film even fails to involve itself in the action. "Caligula" has been photographed and directed with such clumsiness and inelegance that pieces of action do not seem to flow together, the plot is incomprehensible, the events are frequently framed as if the camera was not sure where it was, and everything is shot in muddy, ugly, underlit.

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